5 Ways to Keep Your RV’s Windshield Safe and Sound This Winter


Drivers in northern Arizona are encouraged to stay safe while traveling on the dangerous highways and mountain roads during the peak of winter. This past winter season, Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Department of Transportation warned motorists to take precaution, dress in layers and plan their route ahead of time when heading out in harsh winter weather conditions.

While it is usually warmer in the high-country area than other parts of the nation during the winter season, Arizona still experiences its fair share of snow and ice. That is why ADOT and Gov. Ducey want to make sure everyone can enjoy the diverse temperatures and stay safe while doing so.

They suggest wearing layers when you’re heading to work or school in the morning because even though the weather may be mild as you leave, it could turn much colder before you reach your destination. And you don’t want to end up with car trouble on a snow-covered road dressed in summer clothing. Additional winter driving suggestions from ADOT and Gov. Ducey’s Know Snow campaign include:

  • Keeping enough space between you and the driver in front of you due to black ice
  • Checking your antifreeze levels
  • Using snow tires, chains, or studded tires
  • Installing new windshield wiper blades and solvent


Keep your RVs Windshield Protected with Help from Diamond Auto Glass

At Diamond Auto Glass, we would like to add a few more suggestions to that list by letting our customers who own RVs know how to keep their windshield safe as the temperatures drop. The fluctuation from warm to frigid air outside can have an effect on your vehicle’s glass. So, here are a few things you can do to make sure that your recreational vehicle is ready to hit the road once again when Spring arrives.

  1. Cover All Windows and Doors

There are a variety of items on the market that can help prevent your RV’s windshield from freezing over. You can avoid scraping ice away in the morning before your trip by covering up your windshield before the temperatures drop the night before. Covering the glass with a double-sided exterior windshield cover prevents the need to wait until the entire RV heats up inside before you start to scrape away ice outside.

  1. Use a Dehumidifier

During the winter, condensation will accumulate on the windshield and walls. To prevent this from happening and avoid the buildup of mold inside your RV, be sure to keep a window cracked at all times and turn on a fan inside to circulate the air. You can also use a small dehumidifier in areas where condensation occurs the most.

  1. Keep Your Windshield Clean

If you have a small crack on your windshield, it can be harder to detect when your glass is dirty. Be sure to wash your windshield and other glass throughout the RV before you head off on any trip. It is best to try to wash it during warm conditions if possible and be sure to dry it off completely to avoid freezing water.

  1. Insulate and Ensure Proper Air Circulation

While it’s best to insulate your RV during the winter, anytime you do that you will run into problems with condensation, which can cause your windshield to freeze on the inside. Make sure you keep the outside of your RV insulated but also keep the air circulating inside using a fan or small heater.

  1. Install High-Quality Windshield Blades

Be sure to replace your windshield wipers as needed, and during the winter it would be best to invest in a pair of high-quality windshield blades that can easily cut away ice and snow without accidentally scratching the glass.

Need Help with your RV this Winter?

If you need additional tips on keeping your RV windshield safe, or need to have a crack repaired before you head out on a winter retreat, be sure to contact the auto glass experts here at Diamond Glass for quick repairs for any type of vehicle. Call us today at (877) 947-4595 for more details.

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