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Most newer cars, trucks, vans, and SUVS are equipped with at least one camera or sensor that facilitates various onboard safety systems like frontal collision avoidance, advanced cruise control, pedestrian detection and lane departure prevention. The team here at Diamond Auto Glass is standing by to care for these critical safety components with periodic recalibration and maintenance services. Our team has been in operation here in the area for many years, and we're pleased to offer our expertise in windshield camera recalibration in Flagstaff, AZ, and throughout the entire state of Arizona.

The Different Types of Camera Recalibration

Our business offers static and dynamic recalibration services. As the names would suggest, static recalibration can be handled right in our repair shop while dynamic recalibration must be performed while the vehicle is on the road. The type of recalibration your vehicle's ADAS requires will be specified by the manufacturer.

Reasons Your Windshield Camera May Require Recalibration

Over time, windshield cameras may be affected by rough roads or the vibrations created by your vehicle's engine. Period recalibration will return the camera to the correct alignment. In addition to routine maintenance, cameras should also be recalibrated if your vehicle is ever in an accident or if the windshield is replaced due to damage or leaks.

The Benefits of Routine Windshield Camera Recalibration

The streets and highways of Flagstaff and elsewhere are busier and more traffic-clogged than ever before, and this has led many drivers to rely heavily on their vehicles' ADAS technology to avoid wrecks and other roadway troubles. Our recalibration services are designed to keep these critical cameras transmitting accurate, timely information that vehicle operators can depend on.

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