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Window tinting has become an incredibly popular automobile accessory in recent times. As a matter of fact, the segment has grown in leaps and bounds as a significant amount of drivers realize that there are more benefits to it than simply enhancing the look and cool factor of their vehicles. For example, a well-installed window-tinting job vastly increases privacy. To a certain degree, it helps to prevent people from outside of your car, SUV, truck, van, and other drivers on the road from looking in. Tinted windows are also a humongous deterrent for potential thieves.

In essence, it makes the culprits think twice about breaking into your vehicle when they cannot physically view a smartphone, laptop, pocketbook, wallet, or other expensive items that may be left on the seats or the dashboard. In addition tinted windshields and windows make it difficult for thieves to see if your stereo or entertainment system is worth stealing. If you frequently leave your automobile parked outside or in a public garage than tinted windows add a protective layer of insurance against break-ins that will help you sleep at night.

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Another benefit of our auto glass tinting in Flagstaff, AZ, and surrounding areas is that it reduces heat build-up inside of your vehicle, which makes it significantly cooler in temperature. When you live in a climate, like Arizona, that is warm year-round there is a tremendous upside to this. Low transparency window tint can actually reduce the heat buildup by upwards of seventy percent. Imagine the difference that will make, especially when you hop into your auto after it has been sitting outside in the hot sun all day. The considerable reduction of heat buildup will also save you from running the air conditioner as frequently. Tinted windows will save you a considerable amount of money in gasoline.


Window tinting also blocks harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. There is no secret that direct exposure to sunlight is unhealthy for humans. A high-quality tint will block a full ninety nine-percent of damaging UV rays. It will protect your skin just like sunscreen. The only difference in this regard is that window tint does not need to be applied every couple of hours, and of course, it only works if you are actually inside of the vehicle. There is a great deal of people that suffer from sunburns when driving without the benefit of tinted windows.

Direct sunlight also causes damage to the leather and or vinyl inside of your vehicle. Without tinted windows, you are taking the unnecessary chance that your dashboard and seats will wear in a far quicker manner. This results in both fading and cracking, making your vehicle appear older than it actually is. Last but certainly not least, window tinting helps to keep your windshield and windows from shattering when you get into an auto accident. The film will characteristically hold the tiny pieces of glass together when it breaks.

Although there are do-it-yourself window tinting kits available experts highly advise against it.

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Not only are the tinting films inferior to the products that professionals use, but it is also next to impossible to perform the job correctly without the proper training, experience, tools, and equipment. Why spend all of that time and your hard-earned money only to discover that the window-tinting job you attempted yourself looks downright awful. Always call on an expert like Diamond Auto Glass or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment today. We provide quality products and services to these key locations:

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