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According to the leading automobile safety experts, driving with damaged windshield risks the lives of everyone in your vehicle. It also risks the lives of the drivers around you, since you are far more susceptible to get into an accident with a compromised windshield. In essence, if your windshield is severely chipped or cracked and you continue to drive with it that way then it may very well turn into a serious problem. It goes without saying that if your windshield is cracked, then you should schedule an appointment with the pros like Diamond Auto Glass for reliable windshield repair and replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

That being said, it is extremely important to choose a windshield replacement company, like Diamond Auto Glass, that will do the job correctly. If the windshield has not been set and glued properly it can actually pop out during a collision, or cause the roof to collapse. Your windshield certainly does a lot more than simply keep the wind out of your eyes while driving. It actually plays a large role in the overall structural integrity of your vehicle. Luckily, Diamond Auto Glass specializes in windshield installation, so you’re in good hands.

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One of the purposes of your windshield is to protect you and your passengers during automobile accidents, particularly in the case of a rollover. This means that your windshield is designed to take on a considerable portion of the load should an accident happen. Fortunately, Diamond Auto Glass is a windshield glass company in Phoenix, AZ that you can trust.

Although many smaller chips can be fixed with a simple windshield repair, if they are too large it will need to be replaced. A good rule of thumb to go by is the credit card rule. If the chip or crack is larger than the width or length of a credit card than your windshield should be replaced. Windshields are typically manufactured by layering two pieces of transparent glass. They are glued together with a clear vinyl resin in between each piece. The vinyl resin serves another function as well.

It keeps the glass in place during an automobile accident, or if debris happens to hit the windshield. The vinyl resin stops pieces, or shards, of glass from flying, which helps to avoid serious injuries and even fatalities. So if the vinyl resin is severely chipped or cracked and is unable to handle the impact very well, it won’t be able to protect you or your passengers the way it should. Your windshield as well as your windshield tinting will inevitably succumb to wear and tear, so it’s crucial to keep both in peak condition. Diamond Auto Glass can help you with that.

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Pea gravel constantly falls from uncovered construction trucks, and drivers all around you are always picking up pieces of road debris. It is actually quite incredible that windshields last as long as they do. If you need a windshield replacement, feel free to contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment today. Diamond Auto Glass has been in the windshield replacement business and under the same ownership for over thirty years and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. We look forward to serving you!

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