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The windshield may seem like one part of a vehicle that doesn't need extra attention or ongoing care, but modern automotive windshields often contain specialized safety components that do require periodic maintenance. We here at Diamond Auto Glass are trained and equipped to handle these inspection, calibration and repair tasks as a part of our general windshield services, and we're conveniently located to serve the vehicle owners of Flagstaff and beyond.

Understanding Windshield Calibration

Advanced driver-assistance systems such as intelligent cruise control, lane departure detection, frontal collision avoidance and emergency braking utilize windshield-embedded sensors and cameras that track the location of nearby pedestrians, vehicles and fixed objects so that these items can be avoided. These cameras and sensors benefit from periodic adjustment and calibration to ensure that they provide correct, consistent information to the driver.

The Advantages of Regular Windshield Calibration

Although ADAS technology is a relatively recent automotive development, many drivers in Flagstaff and elsewhere have come to depend heavily on these modern conveniences for safer travels in a wide range of driving conditions. We recommend routine windshield calibration by our skilled professionals, as this is necessary to keep these critical systems in reliable operating condition at all times.

When Should Windshield Calibration Be Performed?

Many problems with ADAS safety and security technologies can be avoided if these components are checked and calibrated as part of the vehicle's seasonal or annual maintenance services. Calibration is also a must at the time of windshield replacement or if the vehicle is ever in a major or minor accident.

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