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Although it may be tempting to purchase a do it yourself kit and attempt to tint your vehicle’s windows yourself, there are a great deal of benefits of hiring a professional window tinting company. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the additional investment. Tinting the windows in your car, truck, van, or SUV is the perfect method of reducing heat and glare. It also provides you with an advanced level of privacy. What you do in your own vehicle is your business.

There is another major advantage to window tinting as well. It completely enhances the look and feel of your automobile by providing a hip, sleek, customized appearance. Diamond Auto Glass specializes in installing automobile window tinting in Flagstaff, Arizona and surround areas. The following information will provide you with the top four (4) reasons why hiring a professional window tinting company is a much better idea than attempting the job yourself.

Reason #1: The Arizona Automobile Window Tint Law

Are you aware of the Arizona Automobile Window Tint Law? If you are aware of the law are you familiar with all of the exact details? Diamond Auto Glass is because it is our job to follow all state and local regulations to the letter of the law. Due to the fact that darkened auto windows can pose a safety risk for law enforcement officers during traffic stops, laws regarding the shade and darkness of the window tint were put into place. Although some shops may install darker than legal tint if you are pulled over and have windows that are darker than the law allows it can lead to expensive tickets and fines. Unlike do it yourself kits and unscrupulous companies, we guarantee that your windows will not cause you any problems with the law.

Reason #2: Automobile Window Tinting is a Difficult Task

There is a reason that people are willing to pay professionals to install auto window tinting. It is an extremely difficult task to complete properly if you do not have experience. In addition the do it yourself kits typically do not contain professional grade materials rendering the end product inferior even if you are an experienced installer. In essence the DIY window tint is too thin and flimsy. It can crinkle or crease far too easily.


Reason #3: Professionals Use the Best Materials

Professional auto window tint installers are not only experienced craftspeople, they use the best tinting materials and equipment available. For example, at Diamond Auto Glass we incorporate the use of a significantly higher grade tinting film. We also apply it with tools that do not crease or crinkle the product. Our advanced installation methods do no create air bubbles. Please keep in mind that if you attempt to install the window tint yourself and the job does not come out satisfactory it is difficult to remove the tint.

Reason #4: Professionals Guarantee Their Work

If you hire a professional and are not satisfied with the results, most companies provide a guarantee and will re-do the work at no additional cost. On the other hand, if you purchase a do it yourself kit and end up removing the materials to attempt the job a second time you have wasted the cost of the first DIY kit. Obviously when you remove the product it cannot be returned to the store.

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