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Do you know which part of your vehicle plays the most essential role in keeping you safe while driving? Most people believe the answer to this question is either the seatbelt or airbags. The actual answer is your windshield. Interestingly enough a great deal of drivers are under the false impression that a cracked windshield is nothing more than annoyance that can be fixed whenever they get around to it. This holds especially true if the crack is not within the driver’s line of vision. This line of though could not be any further from the truth.

Any cracks in the windshield can actually cause the unit to fail. You certainly do not want to find yourself in that situation, especially when you need the windshield to protect you in the case of an automobile accident. The windshield in your car, truck, van, sports utility vehicle, or commercial vehicle plays not one but three key roles in the overall safe operation of your vehicle. The first is to prevent you and your passengers from being ejected from the automobile when you get into an accident.

As a matter of fact that is one of the main reasons that windshields were invented and added to vehicles back in the old days in the first place. The second key role that your windshield plays in an accident is a more modern one. It helps absorb the impact that occurs when the airbags deploy. The airbags are designed to release at extremely high speeds upon impact. A crack in your windshield compromises it from absorbing the shock, which in turn may very well cause serious airbag related injuries.


The third and equally important key of your windshield is to help provide support for the vehicle’s roof. In fact the windshield provides upwards of seventy-percent of the vehicle’s structural support. It is certainly not something that you want to remain damaged in any way. There is absolutely zero reason to take the chance that a crack will cause the glass to completely shatter instead of maintaining the support that your vehicle requires. Typically speaking, small pieces of flying debris are the main cause of windshield cracks.

If you are tailgating close behind another vehicle or driving behind a dump truck than your chances of this occurring greatly increase. You should also try to avoid parking on the side of road. There certainly are significantly less flying rocks in a parking lot or driveway. With all of that being said, there are countless times when you simply cannot avoid a rock or other road debris from hitting your windshield. In those cases the best course of action is to have it replaced without delay.

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