Smart Glass Installation in Winslow, AZ

Diamond Auto Glass offers an array of solutions to ensure a better driving experience for all our clients. We take pride in our team’s experience and expertise in handling a variety of needs and concerns regarding your vehicles. Diamond Auto Glass offers high-quality smart glass services in the following locations:

  • Mesa, AZ
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  • Tempe, AZ
  • Williams, AZ

Smart Coating

The smart coating is a great new invention that allows windows to become dim or tinted. It will go from transparent to opaque in response to electricity or elements like temperature. Rest assured that we have the technology now to complete this task. Be sure to consult Diamond Auto Glass regarding smart glass installation in Winslow, AZ. We can easily install the smart coat technology over your existing glass as long as it is not cracked or chipped. We will make sure to clean your windshield before we ever add the smart coating. This allows for a more seamless driving experience.

We also offer smart glass repair to restore this system should it already be installed on your automobile. Diamond Auto Glass can make it work like new again, helping you maximize this innovative technology’s benefits for longer.

Rain Sensor Wipers

One of the best features that you will enjoy when it comes to smart glass is the ability to detect rain. This feature can notify you when it is raining, thus telling you when to turn on the wipers and recommend the appropriate speed. This sensor may be located right behind the rearview mirror and is sure to withstand the abuse if you live in a rainy location. Nevertheless, we also offer smart glass replacement. Diamond Auto Glass can switch this sensor without having to change everything.

Heated Windshields

These windshields are a great way to get those windows unfogged quickly. Heated windshields work by having small little wires embedded within your car’s windshield, thus allowing heat to pass through and clear any fogging that might be happening. Diamond Auto Glass can make sure that your automotive smart glass can make the most of this amazing technology. We can easily install new smart glass that has the heating capabilities built into the windshield without the need for extra work.

Lane Departure Warning System

Having a car that can detect when you slip into another lane helps keep you and your cargo secure. Our company can assist you in installing this wonderful technology as soon as you get in touch with us. All we have to do is place a small camera right behind the rearview mirror. This camera detects when the automobile crosses into another lane.

Self-Tinting Glass

Tinted glass is the best way to prevent the glaring sunlight from impending your driving, but it can be costly to have done. Certain guidelines have to be followed depending on where you live. With smart glass, our company can now make it where your windshield can self tint. The smart glass allows you to simply push a small button and your windows become tinted enough to block out the glaring sun.

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