Basic Features That Every Smart Glass Should Have

Driverless car interior with futuristic dashboard for autonomous control system . Inside view of cockpit HUD technology using AI artificial intelligence sensor to drive car without people driver .

Smart glass is the smartest auto glass option for your self-driving car. Just as there are characteristics of self-driving vehicles that make them so ideal, smart glass also boasts features that make them the obvious choice for discerning vehicle owners. If you’re considering a smart glass installation in Flagstaff, AZ, Diamond Auto Glass is the one for the job.

Let’s go over the basic features of automotive smart glass.


Smart glass for self-driving vehicles is known to be lightweight. This is because heavier materials would be challenging to install, but smart glass windshields which are actually laminated windows will pose no difficulty for the smart glass services provider. The high-technology windscreen provides weight and strength to the structure, so there’s no need to put pressure on other parts of your vehicle, which could result in poor handling characteristics or potentially dangerous defects.


The ruggedness of the smart glass enables it to withstand high-pressure force and, in most cases, even the most extreme weather conditions. A smart glass replacement is far superior to an ordinary automotive glass as it is laminated glass, providing impact resistance and thermal insulation. Smart glass windshields undergo a treatment process that makes them highly resistant to weather changes, acid rain, UV exposure, and other environmental conditions—all of which contribute to the quick deterioration of ordinary glass.


The smart glass provides information safely and in real-time. For decades, the only truly safe method of conveying road and traffic conditions has been radio communication or data broadcast; neither can be received within the vehicle while the car is in motion. But with cutting-edge technology imbued in smart glass, it can maintain a good transparency range even in poor conditions, thus reducing visual defects and increasing driving safety.

There are many more reasons why self-driving cars need smart glass. But you don’t have to take our word for it; find out for yourself by speaking with our team of smart glass repair experts at Diamond Auto Glass.

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