Can Windshield Installation Be DIY-ed?

Automobile special workers replacing windscreen or windshield of a car in an auto service station garage.

Installing a car windshield may seem easy, but it can be dangerous if not done correctly. You should leave the installation to us at Diamond Auto Glass. We have the experience and expertise to ensure a safe and successful windshield installation. A short answer to whether it’s a good idea to take the DIY route when installing your windshield is a firm “no”, and here’s why.

You Don’t Have the Proper Tools

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t do windshield repair and replacement in Flagstaff, AZ on your own. First of all, for you to even be able to begin the task at hand, you need to have the right tools. And even if you manage to procure the rudimental tools, you’d still have to know how to use them properly.

Otherwise, you could end up damaging not just the auto glass but the windshield tinting as well.

You Don’t Have the Training

While Diamond Auto Glass makes services like windshield repair look easy, our technicians undergo rigorous training and have to be licensed before they can carry out any type of auto services that we offer here. This is to ensure quality work every time. Tackling the installation process on your own is likely to result in sub-optimal work that can put you in danger, especially when you’re on the road.

Voided Warranty

If nothing else, a good reason to hold back on DIY-ing your windshield installation is that if you do it yourself, your car’s warranty might become void. So, say you need windshield replacement, you would have to pay out of pocket since you’ve voided the warranty.

It’s Not Worth the Risk

Simply put, don’t take any chances when it comes to anything related to your vehicle. Auto glass services are complex processes that require a lot of skill and experience. It’s just not worth the risk when so many reputable auto glass companies can do an excellent job for you.

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