Damaged Smart Glass: To Repair or Replace?

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A slightly cracked or completely shattered windshield is never a good thing, and should always be a cause for concern for vehicle owners when it happens. For those with damaged smart glass, one common question we get asked here at Diamond Auto Glass is whether to simply have it repaired or go for a full auto glass replacement.

As an expert in auto glass repair in Flagstaff, AZ, our answer always takes into consideration the following.

Type of Damage

One of the primary considerations that determine the appropriate auto glass services to be carried out is the kind of damage sustained by the windshield. Different types of damage have varying impacts on your smart glass and thus should be fixed appropriately. There are two main types of auto glass damage, namely chips and cracks.

Chips are small impact damage to your windshield that causes part of the glass to break away. You will need a mobile auto glass repair in case of chip damage. Chips can be easily repaired. However, if left unattended for a while, it might lead to cracks. So if you’ve got a chipped auto glass, it’s best to bring your car in for professional repairs right away.

Cracks are another typical auto glass damage and can cause your smart glass shatter. External factors such as bad roads, temperature changes, or dust aggravate windshield cracks, so it is best to seek an auto glass replacement when cracks occur.

The Impact on Visibility

A damaged windshield can affect your line of vision when you drive, thus posing a risk to the safety of the vehicle’s occupants. In fact, in some states, damaged windshields are illegal, especially if it impacts your visibility. In such cases replacing your auto glass is the best decision for you and makes you safer when driving.

Depth of Damage

The depth of the damage to your windshield is another factor in deciding on an auto glass repair or replacement. Windshields consist of two glasses sandwiching a plastic layer. If damage to the auto glass penetrates both glass layers, the only solution is an auto glass replacement.

When considering whether to replace or repair your windshield glass, it is paramount to trust only a professional for the job. Contact Diamond Auto Glass today for an appointment.

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