Difference Types of Auto Cracks and Chips

Cracked windshield after a car accident.

The glass parts of a car play a significant role in ensuring safety, hence a great amount of care is needed for these automotive components. Unfortunately, debris can damage windshields especially while driving, resulting in chips or cracks. As the driver and/or vehicle owner, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with the types of damage your mobile auto glass can sustain.

Diamond Auto Glass goes over the different types of auto glass cracks that warrant professional auto glass repair in Flagstaff, AZ.

Bull’s Eye

This type of windshield chipping is circular in shape and deals surface and depth damage. A small piece of your automotive glass would typically fall off following this type of damage.

Starburst and Starbreak

These types of auto glass cracks are probably what any average person thinks of when the words “cracked windshield” are mentioned. Just like the name, this crack appears in a star-shaped form. Starburst cracks consist of a few distinct rays, while starburst has a large number of cracks that appear like fireworks. These types of cracks can spread very quickly and can result in multiple cracks that weaken the entire glass. To avoid further damages, you need prompt auto glass services.

Combination Break

A combination break is formed out of many different cracks types assembling in one place. The appearance is a combination of a Bull’s Eye crack and a starburst or starbreak crack. These types of cracks are dangerous and can result in the need for complete auto glass replacement.

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks are also called stress cracks as they result from an excess amount of pressure from around the windshield’s perimeter. A mobile auto glass replacement is needed if the edge crack measures longer than 6 inches.

Angel Wings

As the name suggests, this type of chip or crack exhibits lines that extend left and right from the point of impact.

Always take your car to a professional for any issues with windshield cracks. Contact Diamond Auto Glass today.

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