Is Auto Glass Replacement Covered by Warranty?

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Your auto glass can become damaged due to various reasons, at which point you’d need auto glass services. Diamond Auto Glass understands that auto glass services can cost more than what a customer might be capable of paying for at the time, so your concerns about whether services such as auto glass replacement will be covered by warranty are absolutely valid.

The good news is that even your auto glass repair in Phoenix, AZ can be covered by warranty, granted that certain criteria are met.

What Does A Car Warranty Mean?

Warranties, or car warranties, in particular, act as service contracts in which the provider of the automobile product or service agrees to shoulder the cost of repairs or replacement should there be any defects or inadequacies in the product or service. Of course, there are rules and regulations to follow if you want your auto glass services to be covered by the other party.

What is covered under a warranty?

Your auto glass replacement will not be covered by warranty if the damage is sustained due to negligence, abuse, or misuse. For instance, there’s a correct way of washing your windshields so as not to damage the tinting or the glass itself (hint: use microfiber cloths, don’t use harsh chemical cleaners, do not use high water pressure, and just have it professionally cleaned if possible). Regular wear and tear will also not be covered.

But if there was damage due to improper installation or faulty product or manufacturing, your mobile auto glass repair or replacement is likely to be covered by the manufacturer or your auto glass service provider. Accidents that were not caused by the vehicle owner can also be contested. However, be advised that warranties can expire, so certain services rendered or products provided are only valid up to a certain time.

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