When Is Windshield Replacement a Cost-Effective Option?

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Your car’s windshield could become damaged at any point. You may even have to replace it, depending on the severity of the deterioration. Unfortunately, a surprising number of vehicle owners still believe that a replacement can be costly, which sometimes results in them going for a windshield repair instead of getting a windshield replacement even when the latter is necessary.

The truth is replacing your windshield can be the more economical choice over simply having it repaired. Diamond Auto Glass, the expert in windshield repair and replacement in Winslow, AZ, helps you determine when a windshield replacement is the cost-effective option.

How A Windshield Replacement Works

Once our windshield installation experts have examined the severity of the windshield damage, they may recommend a windshield repair or replacement. As a rule, your windshield is up for a replacement when the chipped area is bigger than a quarter and when the crack is longer than three inches. If the depth of the damage has reached more than halfway into the windshield, you need to have it replaced.

A replacement is a pretty straightforward process that lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, but it could take longer if you also need windshield tinting.

Cost-Effective Way Of Replacing Your Windshield

If your vehicle is due for a windshield replacement, it’s crucial that you try and get one immediately to prevent the damage from getting worse and to minimize the danger associated with driving with a damaged windshield. We offer certified and quality-tested glass and will help you select a windshield that will best suit your vehicle and your budget.

It’s better (and more budget-friendly) to replace a damaged windshield once and for all rather than to have it repaired multiple times. Contact Diamond Auto Glass today and let us provide you with reasonably priced quality services.

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