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If your windshield was chipped, cracked, dinged, or damaged in any way in the not too distant past the only method to fixing it was to replace the entire unit, which is an expensive and time consuming job. Thanks to recent advances in glass technology there is a far better solution. Auto glass repair in Goodyear, Arizona is a more cost effective option and significantly faster process. Today’s auto glass repair techniques provide expert glass technicians with the ability to make windshields more repairable than ever before.

That being said it all depends on the location, size, and severity of the damage. When it is time for you to decide whether to repair or replace your windshield it is important to understand the differences. For example, auto glass replacement involves the removal and replacement of your windshield. Although most auto insurance policies cover glass replacement in the name of safety you will typically be required to pay a large deductible out of pocket. If you are not covered by insurance the auto glass replacement work can cost you anywhere from hundreds of dollars to upwards of a thousand dollars plus depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Once the work is complete the sealants and adhesives must dry properly. That can take anywhere from one hour to a full twenty-four hours, thereby rendering your vehicle unavailable for that period of time. On the other hand auto glass repair does not involve the removal of your windshield. The technician is able to fix the damage while the windshield remains in place. We start by methodically cleaning the damaged area in order to remove any dirt or debris. A clear resin is then injected into the damaged area in order to fill in the chips, cracks, and dings.


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Once that part of the process is complete the resin needs to fully harden. If our mobile shop travels to you and the work is performed outside than the natural sunlight accomplishes that in just about thirty minutes. If we do the work in a garage or at one of our brick and mortar locations that a special heating lamp is used to cure the resin. The time frame is also thirty minutes. Most auto insurance policies cover glass repair. The difference being they usually waive the deductible since the repair job costs them a lot less money. That means you will not need to go out of pocket at all for an auto glass repair.

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If you are not covered by insurance the auto glass repair work is a mere fraction of the cost of replacing the windshield. In addition you can drive the vehicle once the resin cures. In order to determine if your windshield can be repaired it must be inspected by an auto glass expert like Diamond Auto Glass. We look to see if the chips are less than the size of a United States Quarter, or the cracks are shorter than the length of a credit card. Also, the damage cannot be within your line of vision. The bottom line is your safety. If we feel that the windshield will remain compromised in any way after the repair than our technician will suggest a windshield replacement instead.

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