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Tempe, Arizona Auto Glass Repair

At Diamond Auto Glass, we know that accidents happen. You are driving to work on a valley highway when a rock flies up and hits your windshield. It creates a small crack, but one that is noticeable to the eye and is not in your line of vision. You become stressed that this happened, and you know you it will cost you a few hundred dollars to completely replace your windshield. Our team at Diamond Auto Glass understands that it can be expensive and an inconvenience to completely replace your auto glass when damaged which is why we offer auto glass repair to our Tempe, Arizona customers.

Auto glass repair is an affordable solution to your vehicle’s needs, and a service that insurance companies prefer to cover due to its lower costs. If the damage is miniscule, most insurance companies will waive the deductible which leaves you with no financial responsibility. They will also be more inclined to fix the repair if the damage is not obstructing the driver’s vision in any way.

Auto Glass Repair Process Tempe, AZ

There are a variety of reasons your auto glass could need repair such as rock chips, a branch hitting or falling on your window, or hitting an animal. No matter what the situation, our team will carefully evaluate the best solution for your auto glass. After your auto glass has been cleared for repair by a specialized technician, they will begin the repair process. First, they will thoroughly clean your windshield to make sure no other imperfections occur during the repair process. When the windshield is cleaned, they will choose a resin with a certain viscosity to inject into the chip or crack. The resin is then hardened by ultraviolet light and once the hardening process is complete you won’t be able to recognize there was even a chip in your window. The auto glass repair process takes thirty minutes from start to finish, and we will service you anywhere in the valley including Tempe. You do have the option to come to our headquarters in Flagstaff, if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, oversee the process, or go about your business while we are hard at work.

Be Proactive with Auto Glass Repair

If any of your vehicle’s windows need repair, do not wait until the situation becomes worse. When you have damaged auto glass, the problems are not just aesthetically dissatisfying but structurally unsound. Your automobile’s widows are their most important attribute because they provide you with a clear range of vision when driving. If your vision is obstructed in any way, it will lead to more serious issues whether it damages your vision or causes you to get into an accident. Our team at Diamond Auto Glass is eager to assist you in and prioritizes your safety!

At Diamond Auto Glass, we service the Tempe, Arizona customers with all of their auto glass repair needs. No matter if it is a small chip or large crack, our team is standing by to repair your windows with speed and efficiency.

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