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Glendale, Arizona Auto Glass Replacement

Diamond Auto Glass has been your trusted choice in auto glass replacement for over thirty years. In fact we are one of the biggest independently owned auto glass specialists in the country. We service each and every make and model of car, truck, SUV, mini-van, and van. Our company can also take care of your commercial vehicle and fleet vehicle glass related needs. In order to guarantee a perfect fit we incorporate the use of the highest quality glass that follows the exact standards as the original manufacturer.

Our trained and experienced technicians can even come to your home, place of work, or school with our mobile glass replacement shop at no extra cost. Diamond Auto Glass is the right choice for all of your glass replacement needs. Our work is top notch yet our prices are competitive. We will work directly with your insurance company if you have glass coverage, which saves you a tremendous amount of hassle. As we like to say, the difference is clear with Diamond Auto Glass.

Some of our customers are curious how we can afford to use the best products available and still be competitive with shops that install glass that is of a lesser quality. The answer is simple. Our bottom line is to provide the community of Glendale, Arizona with the safest options at prices that are more affordable than the competition even if it means less profits. In the long run this way of doing business has worked out well. Our company has been around for a long time and plan to be here well into the future.


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We pride ourselves on building life long relationships with our customers, and can feel good at the end of each day knowing that Diamond Auto Glass has made your driving experience a lot safer. That is exactly why we use original equipment manufacturer quality glass, or OEM for short. It is made out of the highest quality raw materials, and undergoes thorough inspection technology before it leaves the manufacturer. In addition, OEM glass has the best windshield optical clarity and quality.

It also contains ceramic paints that are made to meet the highest standards of ultra violet light transmission. OEM glass also has the correct contour and surface shape for your wiper blades to perform correctly. If that is not enough reasons why OEM glass is the right way to go, here are a few more. OEM glass contains solar control performance that vastly improves comfort and efficiency. Perhaps the most important reason that we use OEM glass is based on the fact that the glass designers work directly with automobile manufacturers.

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This makes certain that when we perform the auto glass replacement in your vehicle it will fit properly, and provide the correct amount of structural support. Our formula is simple. The highest quality products and service available in the auto glass replacement industry combined with the most competitive prices is a win-win situation for everyone. Please contact Diamond Auto Glass today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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