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Windshields have four main functions. The first is to provide crystal clear visibility so that you can safely operate your vehicle. However if there are cracks or chips in your direct line of sight than it will prevent you from seeing the road properly. This of course can lead to poor driving, which in turn may very well lead to an accident. The second function of your windshield is to prevent the outside elements such as wind and rain from affecting your ability to drive properly. That being said if your windshield is broken than the wipers may not work properly.

This can also lead to poor driving, and vastly increase the chance of an accident. The third function of the windshield is to provide additional stability and structural integrity to the vehicle. Conversely if it is damaged than you are at risk that it will fail to do its job properly. The fourth and final function of your windshield is to protect you and your passengers in the event that an accident takes place. It helps to keep people from being ejected from the vehicle during a head on or front-end collision. As we mentioned earlier the windshield helps to support the roof.

It can save your life by preventing the roof from caving in and crushing you during a roll over accident. Without your windshield the passenger side airbags would not work properly when activated. Not only does it absorb a great deal of the impact it also directs the airbag back at the passenger. When your windshield is compromised with cracks and chips it may burst apart during an accident. That means it will fail to prevent people from being ejected from the vehicle, will not hold the roof up, and the airbags will fail to work. Why would you be willing to take that unnecessary risk?


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Diamond Auto Glass makes auto glass replacement in Goodyear, Arizona as easy as possible on our customers. We have plenty of locations in the area to choose from. If you do not feel comfortable driving the vehicle with a damaged windshield than we can travel to you at no additional cost. Our state of the art mobile auto glass shop has all of the same tools and equipment as our brick and mortar stores. We only use the best quality windshields that are made to match your vehicle. Each member of our team of glass replacement technicians has years of experience installing windshields.

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Our Technicians are constantly being trained in the latest technology and procedures. The mission at Diamond Auto Glass is to stay one step ahead of the industry. Although you may think we are more expensive than the competition that could not be any further from the truth. In fact our prices are both competitive and affordable. The company has been in business under the same ownership for over thirty years. We have been here for our customers over the long haul and plan to be around for as long as you need us. We look forward to working with you. Please contact us today with any and all questions or to set up an appointment.

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