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The task of hiring an auto glass replacement company in Mesa, Arizona should not be taken lightly. Diamond Auto Glass is grateful for the opportunity to earn your business. Our company has been in operations under the same ownership for over thirty years. Over that long period of time we have learned quite a bit about the industry. The subject of auto glass replacement happens to cause a great deal of confusion for a lot of consumers. There are so many misconceptions floating around out there that we realized it is necessary to provide you with the correct information.

That way you will be able to make an informed and educated decision when it is time to hire an auto glass replacement company. Some people are under the false impression that the only function of the windshield is to see the road ahead. This could not be any further from the truth. In fact windshields are designed as a safety feature that help to restrain the driver and passengers from being ejected during an automobile accident. The windshield is also engineered to support the roof during a roll over accident, and helps deploy the airbag properly during any severe crash.

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If the windshield is installed incorrectly it could very well put you, your family, or any passengers in the vehicle at great risk in the case of an accident. Another false impression that a great deal of people have is that they can drive their vehicle immediately after a new windshield is installed. This could also lead to a fatal mistake. The adhesives that are used to hold the glass in place take time to properly set. It depends on many factors and the time frame can range anywhere from one hour to as much as a full twenty-four hours.


A reputable auto glass replacement shop will inform you of this ahead of time so that you can plan according. Keep in mind that the weather conditions can affect the schedule. If it is warmer the adhesives will set faster. Colder temperatures cause the adhesives to setup slower. Although this is not usually a major concern in warm climates like Arizona it could make a difference during a colder spell. There is another problem associated with driving the vehicle too soon after the windshield was installed. It could shift slightly.

This not only negatively affects the overall structural integrity of the unit, it could also leak when it rains or you wash the vehicle. Some drivers are under the misconnection that making a claim with their insurance company will raise their rates. This is absolutely false. Most of the time a broken windshield is not your fault and the insurance company knows that. That is why a broken windshield claim falls under the comprehensive insurance coverage and is considered an act of nature. If your windshield is broken past the point of no return you need to have it replaced right away.

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Diamond Auto Glass will take great care to endure that the process is as smooth as possible. We are known to provide stress free service. Give us a try and you will notice the difference is clear. We look forward to working with you for years to come regarding all of your auto glass replacement needs.

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