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Paradise Valley, Arizona Window Damage Repair

The open road. It’s an exciting place to be with your RV but it is also the most likely place you will encounter window damage. Rocks and debris have a way of just getting in the way of a perfectly good day on the road.

In Paradise Valley, Arizona the last thing you want is to have to find somewhere for RV window repair. However, should you need it you can count on Diamond Glass to fix your windshield and get you back out there on the road quickly.

One important thing to keep in mind about window damage when traveling is that you really should not put off repairing a rock chip. Since the majority of RV windshield incidents start out as rock chips, your best defense is to have it looked at as soon as possible. The reason for this is that a rock chip can form into a crack. Once this happens, the difference between the interior and exterior temperatures experienced by the glass will cause the crack to ‘run’ which then creates a much larger crack.

Should that windshield crack extend upwards or downwards into your field of vision when driving, you now have a potential hazard on your hands. Driving any distance with the distraction of a cracked windshield to look through is not only dangerous, you can get pulled over and ticketed for the offense. This would surely ruin any kind of holiday trip you had planned. Besides, is driving with a visual impairment really worth taking a risk if you have your family traveling with you?


Most rock chips can be repaired quickly and easily provided the damage is not old. Plus, rock chips can form a spider or star shape. By injecting resin into the tiny fractures of the glass at the rock chip location Diamond Glass can repair the damage making the rock chip virtually disappear. Smaller chips are not as easy to repair and those that are located near a windshield edge are the ones that will most likely turn into cracks.

The size of the rock chip can also have an impact on the type of repair that can be done. Larger rock chips may require windshield replacement depending on your insurance provider. The repairable rock chips can be dealt with in as little as 20 minutes – the amount of time it would take to enjoy a cup of coffee as you wait for the repair to be completed. That’s how long it takes to clean the chip location and inject the resin and let it dry enough to harden and seal.

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No one wants to have a delay in their holiday travel plans but if a windshield issue is cause for you to slow down and seek repair work, Diamond Glass will come to your service to keep you safer on the road. For more information on RV window repair work in the Paradise Valley region of Arizona, contact the glass experts at Diamond Glass. Call us today at 928-779-4140 to schedule your appointment.

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