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Scottsdale, Arizona RV Window Tinting

Auto glass tinting is thought to be a luxury these days. But aside from providing privacy, it is also an asset in more ways. It helps protect against intruders by blocking their view from your personal belongings in your vehicle. It helps keep out heat from the hot, beating sun which not only keeps you cooler, but also protects your leather and interior to keep it in better condition.

Oftentimes since it is thought to be a luxury, many people opt in to a do-it-yourself project when tinting their windows. But knowing that there are more perks than just privacy might push customers to getting it done professionally. At Diamond Auto Glass, we are able to provide you with the best tinting job in town.

What are the Main Reasons Why you Should Choose us Opposed to DIY Kits?


Window tinting is no easy task. There are different tints to choose from, fitting it to your window, making sure to avoid imperfections and bubbles and making it a long-lasting results. There are multiple things that a do-it-yourself job will require. You’d have to choose the tint level and try to find out the level that is legal in your area. Then to choose the tint kit that you feel is right for you. Regardless of price, unfortunately, a lot of DIY kits lack good quality materials. This makes the process difficult. One wrong flinch or move can cause wrinkles and bubbles between the window and the tint film. This not only prevents a long-lasting tint, but most times the tint was never perfect to even begin with.

At Diamond Auto Glass, our professionals get the job done perfectly the first time around. None of our customers’ vehicles leave our shop without the highest quality tint jobs done by the best trained professionals. We also guarantee long-lasting results. The tints that we put on are not part of your windows, leaving you without worry of losing the tint itself.

Local Regulations

It’s not a secret that windows that are too tinted can get you into more trouble than do good. There are rules and regulations to automotive window tinting that are enforced across the country. These are put in place to protect both the passengers that are on board as well as the officers that are on duty in case of a traffic stop. Customers need to be able seen in case they need assistance or need to communicate with other drivers. Then there are the officers that need the security of seeing into the vehicle during a traffic stop to be able to judge the situation.


Arizona Window Tinting Laws

Every area has different levels for tinting codes and regulations. Areas can vary from each city, borough and municipality, making it more difficult to know the proper codes for your surrounding area.

It’s part of our job to make sure that each customer remains within the proper codes to avoid any legal issues. We know the rules for the Scottsdale, Arizona area and we can easily make sure the customer is happy while also abiding by the local laws.

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