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Window tinting most definitely makes your vehicle look cool, dark, and even mysterious. However, many drivers are not aware that it has practical benefits as well. A professional job can go well beyond providing your car, truck, sports utility vehicle, or van with that tinted limo look that everyone is familiar with. Automobiles do look stylish with tinted windows; there is absolutely no doubt about that. As an added bonus there are other great reasons to have your windows professionally tinted.

First and foremost, window tinting in Sedona, Arizona significantly reduces the heat that builds up in your vehicle. The sun is strong all year round in our part of the country. Tinted windows do an excellent job of blocking that extremely uncomfortable heat build up that occurs when your vehicle is sitting outside for prolonged periods of time. On the hottest days your auto can heat up to unbearable temperatures in as little as ten to fifteen minutes.

Why experience that feeling of being slowly cooked as soon as you enter the vehicle when there is a cost effective solution available.

Speaking of saving money, vehicles with tinted windows require less air conditioning, which of course saves gasoline. The equation is simple. The less gas you use the more money you save. The thermal rejection film is great at blocking the thermal rays from sunlight. In addition to reducing the heat level in your automobile, window-tinting film also blocks those harmful ultra violet rays that are known to cause sunburns and skin cancer. A great deal of people spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles.


However, most of us do not give much thought to the fact that we are exposed to UV rays while driving. Window tinting is certainly better than slathering on that annoying sunscreen every time you drive on a sunny day. Your skin is not the only thing that is damaged from direct exposure to the sun. Window tinting protects the leather and vinyl in your vehicle from fading, cracking, and splitting as well. It also adds a much needed layer of protection between the interior of your automobile and car thieves.

Typically speaking, thieves will smash in a side window in order to gain entry and then steal valuable items located inside. When your windows are tinted the glass is more difficult to break. It also remains in one solid piece because the shattered glass sticks to the film. Thieves are usually in and out. They do not have a lot of time to deal with the sheet of shattered glass. Often times they will skip vehicles with tinted windows and move on to a different one. Window tinting is also great at reducing glare, which can be a huge distraction to drivers.

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This holds especially true when the sun is half set. When you have your windows tinted it will provide you with the ability to keep your eyes on the road during late afternoon drives. Last but certainly not least, window tinting provides added privacy. Nobody enjoys unwanted views into their vehicle. Diamond Auto Glass specializes in window tinting installation. We only incorporate the use of the highest quality tinting film. Combined with our years of experience and cutting edge equipment and tools you will absolutely see that the difference is clear with Diamond Auto Glass.

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