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The windshield of your vehicle got hit by a rock and now it has developed a chip, or worse yet a crack. Even a small chip could soon spread. Before you know it that small chip will turn into a crack that spans the entire length of your windshield. The question remains, what do you do in this situation? Is it time for a full replacement or is it possible to have the windshield repaired at a fraction of the cost? The following information will help clarify that question for you.

In the not too distant past getting a chip in your windshield meant that you would cross your fingers and hope that it did not turn into a crack, which required a full replacement. Obviously it was only a matter of time before the chip spread to the point of no return. In our modern day and age that is no longer the case. Thanks to advanced technology windshield repair in Sedona, Arizona is now possible. There is no need replace the entire windshield when most small chips can actually be fixed.

That being said there are certain limitations. Typically speaking chips that are larger than Quarter or longer than the length of a dollar bill are not repairable and require a full windshield replacement. It is also worth stating that chips that are located in the middle of the windshield are repairable as long as they do not negatively affect the driver’s line of vision. On the other hand chips that are located on the side are far more likely to spread quickly. The bottom line is that an auto glass expert, like Diamond Auto Glass will inspect the windshield in order to determine the correct course of action.


At this point you may be curious as to how much money can be saved by having the windshield repaired as opposed to replaced. On average a professional windshield repair is only $50-$100, while a full replacement can be $500 or more depending on the vehicle. It should be noted that most auto insurance policies cover both repair and replacement. The difference being the insurance companies usually charge you a deductible if the windshield requires full replacement.

In most cases you will not have to pay anything out of pocket for a windshield repair, which saves you money. Even if your auto insurance policy does not cover either, windshield repair is certainly a lot less expensive. If your windshield is chipped than get it fixed before it turns in a more serious crack. That way you may very well avoid a full windshield replacement and the costs associated with it. So how does windshield repair actually work?

A small amount of clear resin is injected into the damaged area of the glass. The resin is then cured or hardened with a small ultra-violet lamp. Once fully dry, the resin is polished in order to restore the strength and clarity to the windshield glass. Each windshield reacts differently. While the vast majority of repairs are undetectable to the human eye, in rare occasions it may appear slightly blemished. However, even a slightly blemished repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield and stop the damage from spreading.

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