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Do you know that window tinting is regulated in the state of Arizona? In essence dark windows make it difficult for police officers to establish eye contact with drivers during routine traffic stops. It makes it dangerous for the police and easier for the suspects to conceal weapons and other illegal activities. In fact some law enforcement agents carry portable tint meters in order to check vehicle windows that appear to be darker than regulations allow. This is one of many reasons why it is so important to only work with a reputable installer that follow the letter of the law and help you to avoid problems on the road.

In Arizona the tint darkness is measured by something called The Visible Light Transmission percentage, or VLT-percentage for short. It refers to the percentage of visible light that is allowed in through the combination of the tinting film and the window glass. For example, non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the automobile manufacturer’s AS-1 line. The front side windows must allow a minimum of thirty three-percent of light to enter the vehicle. However any darkness can be used for the backside and rear windows.

Window tinting is similar to sunglasses. Some tinting film contains metallic elements that assist in the process of reflecting light and reducing the heat and glare that is generated by the sun. In Arizona the front side, and backside windows must not be more than thirty five-percent reflective. There are a few other rules and regulations regarding window tinting in the state or Arizona. For example, red is a restricted color, and dual side mirrors are required if the back window is tinted. If you are planning to tint the windows yourself than you may want to reconsider.


The tint manufacturers are under zero obligations to certify let alone label if their products are legal in particular states. That means you could very well be purchasing a window tinting kit that is illegal in Arizona. If you are pulled over and ticketed the fine could very well be far more expensive than the cost of having the window tinting done by a professional. In addition you will need to remove the tint immediately, which is no easy task. It can end up being a gigantic waste of your time and hard earned money. The professionals at Diamond Auto Glass are very familiar with all of the laws.

We one hundred-percent stick to them. Our expert technicians only install the highest quality window tinting products available on the market. You will quickly see that with Diamond Auto Glass the difference is clear. Our company takes great pride in building a long lasting relationship with each and every customer that we are fortunate enough to work with. Some people have been doing business with us since the company was founded over thirty years ago.

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