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Professional window tinting is typically installed for one or two main reasons that depend on the needs and personal preferences of the driver. That being said there are a few of additional benefits to window tinting that some people may not have taken under consideration. If you are thinking about having the windows tinted in your car, truck, SUV, van, or commercial vehicle than you will find the following information to be useful in your decision making process. Please take it all into account. You will find that window tinting will provide you with far more than a sleek looking vehicle.

Window Tinting Helps Keep You Healthy

Research has proven that exposure to direct sunlight and the ultra violet rays that are associated with it not only does a significant amount of damage to your skin, it also prolongs aging, and worse yet can cause skin cancer. Window tinting reduces those harmful ultra violet rays by upwards of ninety nine-percent. In essence it is like wearing sun tan lotion while driving your vehicle.

Window Tinting Helps You Drive Better

When you drive with either the sunlight or headlight beams from another vehicle directly in your face and eyes it is far more than a simple annoyance. It can cause you to lose both your concentration and focus on the road ahead. Sunlight and headlight glare actually cause countless accidents each and every year. Some of them are deadly. Window tinting helps to shield your eyes from unexpected road glare.

Window Tinting Protects the Interior of Your Vehicle

Both the heat and ultra violet rays from direct sunlight tend to negatively affect the interior of your automobile, especially if you park it outside on a frequent basis. A significant amount of damage to the front and back seats, along with the dashboard can occur in as little as a year or two. Since window tinting blocks upwards of ninety nine-percent of the sunlight from entering your vehicle it helps to preserve the interior surfaces and materials.


Window Tinting Provides Privacy

If you park your vehicle anywhere but your garage it is susceptible to thieves breaking in and stealing whatever is in sight. That being said most thieves will only break into a car if they can easily see what is inside. Window tinting makes it difficult for them to do that. Often times they will move on to the next vehicle and leave the ones that are tinted alone.

Window Tinting Shatter Proofs Your Auto Glass

Windows tend to shatter when you are in an automobile accident. Window tinting holds the layers of glass together and can prevent serious injuries that are caused by flying glass. In essence it goes a long way in protecting the well being of yourself and your passengers when the unexpected occurs while you are driving down the road.

Window Tinting Keeps You Cool

As we all know it is hot year round in Peoria, Arizona. Window tinting significantly reduces the amount of heat build up in your vehicle. In fact it can reduce it by as much as sixty-percent. That makes window tinting the perfect solution for keeping the heat out and the cool in.

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