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Window tinting in Surprise, Arizona is the perfect way to provide your ride with a smooth and sleek look, enhance the privacy, reduce the heat, and cut down on the glare. When it comes to the installation process you basically have two choices. You can purchase a do it yourself kit and attempt to do the job yourself, or hire a professional. Although purchasing a do it yourself kit and attempting to do the job yourself may seem like a good way to save money it ends up being a total disaster for most people. Installing window tinting the correct way certainly is not an easy task.

In fact it takes a great deal of training and experience to get the job done the right way. At Diamond Auto Glass our team of expert window tinting specialists each have years of experience in the field. They have also been trained in the latest application techniques in order to provide you with a superior end product. We hear all of the horror stories from our customers that have tried to apply the tinting film themselves. Some of them end up going through multiple do it yourself kits before they finally give up and end up hiring us. That money adds up quickly.

When all is said and done it would have been a whole lot more cost effective if they had just hired us from the start. Not to mention all of that wasted time, stress, and aggravation. There are plenty of better things that you can be doing with your time off than messing up your auto glass. When a tinting job is done incorrectly it can ruin the appearance of your vehicle, let alone it will fail to function properly. Even the most expensive cars, trucks, SUV’s, and vans lose value when the tinting is of inferior quality.


You spent a lot of your hard earned money to purchase or lease the vehicle; it simply does not make any sense to take chances. When you see a vehicle with a do it yourself tinting job it is easy to notice right away. Typically speaking the tinting film is not lined up quite right, and or there are a ton of bubbles. A professional job, when applied by an expert like Diamond Auto Glass, will appear as if it is built into the glass. In essence it will look like it came from the factory that way. You will find that our pricing is more affordable than you may think.

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We help thousands of drivers with their tinting and auto glass needs year in and year out. Our company has been in business for well over thirty years and we plan to continue to be in business for a very long time. We look forward to building a great working relationship with you and your family for years to come. When you give Diamond Auto Glass a try you will quickly notice that the difference is clear. Please call or email us at your earliest convenience for a free window-tinting estimate.

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