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Scottsdale, Arizona Windshield Repair

People often ask us what exactly is a windshield repair? It is the process of filling in a chip, dent, or crack in the windshield with a clear resin material. The procedure prevents the glass from breaking or cracking any further while restoring the structural integrity back to the windshield. In essence it avoids the need to replace the entire unit, thereby saving time and money. Windshields are constructed out of three layers, with a vinyl sheet or resin sandwiched between two pieces of glass. When something slams into the windshield and breaks it, typically the outside layer of glass is damaged.

In order to prevent the damage from spreading a windshield repair technician will clean any dirt and debris from the affected area, and then use a tool to insert a specially formulated clear resin solution. The resin fills the areas of the windshield where the glass is missing. The technician will then heat the area using a heat lamp or allow the vehicle to sit in the hot sun. That way the resin fully cures, or hardens properly. If a reputable glass company, like Diamond Auto Glass, performs the repair job than it will usually solve the problem.

Although the damaged area may still be slightly visible, the repair will stop it from spreading any further. It will also make the vehicle much safer to drive. Windshield repairs can be done as long as the crack is less than six inches in length, or the chip as no larger than a Unites States quarter. The damage must also be out of the driver’s direct line of sight, and a certain distance away from the edge of the windshield. Most insurance companies cover auto glass damage.


Since the cost of a full windshield replacement is significantly higher than a repair they are usually willing to waive the deductible if your vehicle qualifies. That means you will not need to go out of pocket at all for a windshield repair in Scottsdale, Arizona. If your insurance policy does not cover glass than the repair fee is quite reasonable. In fact it is a fraction of the cost of a windshield replacement. Diamond Auto Glass guarantees the work. If the repair happens to fail than we will fix it at no additional cost.

If the repair is successful but the damage eventually runs further from the impact point than our company will replace your windshield and adjust the cost accordingly. Windshield repair is fast. We can complete the job from start to finish in just about an hour. It may take a bit longer if there are multiple chips or small cracks in your windshield. After the resin has cured you can even bring your vehicle to the car wash. The bottom line is that your windshield will function normally once the repair is made.

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If your windshield currently has a dent, chip, or small crack than the best advice we can give you is to keep it as clean and dry as possible until you schedule the repair. That will help to ensure a good windshield repair job.

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