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Windshields crack, chip, and break all of the time. It is an unfortunate part of the driving equation that is equally as frustrating and outright dangerous as a flat tire. You just never know when it will happen to your vehicle, but inevitably it will at some point. When a flying rock, piece of road debris, or other incident damages your windshield it is important to realize that it needs to be fixed immediately no matter the extend of the damage. Otherwise you may run the unnecessary risk of driving around in a vehicle that is not as safe as it needs to be in order to keep you protected.

A lot of people are not aware that the windshield plays a major role in both the safety and structure of their automobile. They are actually under a false impression. Even if the damage is limited to a small chip or dent and is located out of your range of sight it can still lead to a dangerous situation. Your ability to see out of the glass properly is only one of the aspects of a reliable windshield. Structural stability of the vehicle, and protection from road hazards are the others. Your windshield is designed to strengthen the roof of the vehicle.

If you are in a serious rollover accident and it is chipped or dented than the glass may very well shatter. If that occurs than the roof could cave in instead of protecting you from the impact. The windshield is also designed as a backstop when the passenger side airbag is triggered during an accident. If it shatters when the airbag hits it than your passenger will receive the brunt of the force instead. This can lead to serious injuries. The windshield is also intended to keep people inside of the vehicle during a crash.


If it is compromised with a chip or dent there is a good chance that it will shatter on impact and you and or your passengers could be ejected from the vehicle. Fortunately having your windshield repaired is a simple process that can be completed quickly and affordably. In many cases the chips and dents can be fixed, which avoids having to replace the windshield. The technician will be able to determine that after an initial inspection. If your windshield is not past the point of no return then he or she will clean any dirt that has lodged in the damaged area or areas.

They will then insert a specifically formulated clear resin material into the areas in question using a special tool. In essence the resin fills in the areas of the glass that are missing. An ultra violet lamp is then used to fully dry the resin. Once it hardens the resin is then polished so that it may appear as clear as possible. When the windshield repair process is complete your windshield will be as strong as it was before the damage occurred. You will be able to drive with the peace of wind of knowing that you are as safe as possible.

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