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Glendale, Arizona Windshield Replacement

Damage to the windshield of your vehicle is a common occurrence that is typically caused by flying rocks and other road debris. Unfortunately a great deal of drivers are under the false impression that it is simply a cosmetic related issue and tend to ignore the problem. Your windshield is considered a safety device that does more than protect you from the outside elements. In fact it is the first line of defense when automobile accidents do happen. The windshield helps to keep you from being ejected from the vehicle while at the same time absorbing a tremendous amount of impact from the airbags.

In addition it is a structural component that helps to support the roof and overall structural integrity of your car, truck, SUV, van, or commercial vehicle. Even the smallest chip or crack can prevent your windshield from functioning properly. Is that a risk you are willing to take? The dangers of driving with a damaged windshield are serious. They can even be life threatening. A windshield replacement in Glendale, Arizona will safeguard you and your passengers from a variety of situations.

Let’s take a closer look at the overall impact that your windshield actually has on your overall safety while operating a vehicle. When a windshield is perfectly intact it helps to transfer the force of front-end collision down to the chassis of the automobile. In essence it significantly reduces the effect of the force that is felt inside of the vehicle, thereby protecting the driver and any passengers. However, of your windshield is cracked it may very well shatter instead. This puts you and any passengers in greater risk of sustaining serious injuries from the impact.


An intact windshield also adds quite a bit of structural support that keeps the roof of the vehicle from caving in if you are in a roll over accident. Even a small crack in the glass that is left unattended can absolutely weaken the windshield. If it shatters or breaks and the roof is crushed than the likelihood of serious injury vastly increases. If anyone in the automobile neglects to buckle their belt and you are in an accident than the windshield can keep people from being ejected from the vehicle.

However, if the windshield is cracked than chances are it will shatter on impact and neglect to offer any protection. In most modern automobiles the windshield assists with the deployment of the passenger side airbags. Basically when an accident triggers the airbag the windshield acts as a backstop that allows the airbag to inflate towards the passenger. That being said, the force a triggered airbag can shatter a cracked windshield. If that occurs the passenger will not have the protection of the airbag. As you can now see driving with a damaged windshield is a risky hazard that you do not need to take.

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