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Goodyear, Arizona Windshield Replacement

If your windshield is damaged past the point of repair than it will require a full replacement. Based on the fact that the windshield is a safety device that helps to protect you and your passengers during an accident it is important to only work with a reputable windshield replacement specialist in the Goodyear, Arizona area. That typically brings up the following question for most people. How do you know that the windshield replacement company will do a good job? The following information will help you answer that.

There are certain characteristics to look for you that go beyond an online review or reading a bunch of testimonials on the company’s website. A good windshield repair shop will only use the highest quality products and materials. That is why you need to make direct contact and ask if they use original equipment manufacturers quality glass and adhesives. It is typically engineered to the same specifications as the windshield that was installed in your vehicle on the assembly line. Original equipment is made to fit the vehicle perfectly.

There is absolutely no need to take the chance that your windshield will come loose while driving, or in an automobile accident. Another question you should ask the glass shop is how long they have been in business. The longer the better. It not only shows that they are experienced, and have probably worked with every situation imaginable, but their customers are happy with the work. Otherwise they would not be able to stick around for long. Auto industry experts also suggest that you ask the shop how long your vehicle should sit after the installation is complete.


If they say that you can drive it right away it is a red flag. Automobiles need to sit for a minimum of one hour before being driven. In some cases it can be upwards of a full twenty-four hours. There needs to be enough time for the adhesives to dry properly. Some drivers are under the impression that they should take the vehicle back to the auto dealer for a windshield replacement. Most dealerships do not have glass repair operations on site. They simply take your car to a glass shop and then mark up the price. You should skip the middleman and go directly to a reputable glass repair shop.

There are a few things that you can check for after the work is complete in order to ensure that they did a good job. When the technician is finished make sure that the windshield molding is straight and that you do not see any signs of the adhesives on the interior surfaces of your vehicle. The automobile should be clean inside. Any dirt or debris left in it is a sign that the workmanship is sloppy. Diamond Auto Glass only uses original equipment manufacturers quality products for all of our windshield replacements.

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