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Kingman, Arizona Windshield Replacement

It’s hard to imagine a piece of reinforced glass being one of the most important structural and safety components of a vehicle, but it certainly is. The windshield of a car serves more purpose than simply keeping passengers safe from bugs and debris that are so common on the roads of Kingman, Arizona. It is one the most important components of vehicle safety.

What Windshields Do

Windshields are capable of withstanding great pressure. Constructed of two reinforced sheets of glass with a polyvinyl layer in between to strengthen them further, a windshield is much tougher than it looks. This helps the glass absorb impact and prevents passengers from getting thrown through the front of the car.

In case of a head-on collision, the windshield provides 45% of the vehicle’s safety by helping to maintain the car’s structure. If a car rolls over, it holds the roof in place, preventing it from collapsing on the passengers. If the airbags are deployed from the dashboard, the windshield absorbs the force of the air bags’ bounce as they inflate towards the passenger.

Safe from the Sun

Apart from the structural safety element, the windshields for modern day vehicles are coated with a UV protective film that keeps the sun’s harmful rays out of the car, which is great considering Arizona gets 299 days of sunshine every year!

When a car crashes, the windshield absorbs a portion of the impact, and even if no damage is visible to the naked eye, there is a possibility that fine cracks or chips may have appeared. The windshield may also have gotten a shake hard enough to loosen the seals.

Accidents are not the only cause of windshield damage. In spite of reinforcement, the harsh climate of Arizona and the constant road work means there is debris flying around the roads, and that can cause small chips and cracks in the glass. Over time, these can grow and can affect visibility and structural integrity.

Seeing how important the windshield is, it follows that this large, reinforced piece of glass be in the best possible condition, and you should have a professional check for any damage or defect as early as possible.


Windshield Repair

Diamond Auto Glass has been working on automobile glass replacement for over 30 years. We are aware of the importance of a windshield and do not compromise on the quality of glass used to replace windshields and we have a team of experienced technicians who provide the best services at economical rates.

The company works with all insurance and fleet agencies to replace your vehicle’s windshield quickly and skillfully. Our technicians can work on almost every make of vehicles, from Alfa Romeos to Volvos, providing glass from Original Equipment Manufacturers and providing warranties on the glass and the services we provide.

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