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Paradise Valley, Arizona Windshield Replacement

Damage to your car’s windshield can happen at any time. You may have followed too close to a truck hauling gravel, or you took a drive down an unpaved country road and didn’t notice those stray rocks flying toward your car. When you have a slight ding or scratch on your windshield, many people will often ignore it and continue driving without giving it much thought, especially if it is on the passenger side of the car or a place where it doesn’t restrict the driver’s view.

Should I Repair or Replace My Windshield?

While it is important to keep your windshield in good condition, a small chip from a rock isn’t necessarily an urgent issue that requires the replacement of the entire windshield. Auto glass replacement providers like us here at Diamond Auto Glass in Paradise Valley can easily repair small cracks and chips using a liquid that will fill in the damaged area. This is usually a fast repair and some drivers may even have the service fees covered by their insurance company.

Replacing a windshield is a very lucrative process that you should only have done if your windshield becomes damaged far beyond repair. During this process, the entire windshield is removed, including the molding around the windshield, and therefore windshield replacement is typically only recommended when there is no other option available.


When to Replace Your Windshield

If you are wondering if you should have your windshield replaced, there are a few instances where it is highly recommended, such as:

  • If a large object hits your windshield or if you were recently involved in a major accident, you should replace the windshield even if the damage doesn’t appear to be serious. The reason is because the glass and the frame supporting it could have weakened due to the impact. This would leave your windshield in danger of cracking in the future.
  • If you plan to travel outside of Arizona, keep in mind that there are some states where it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield. You could end up with a hefty fine if you don’t have your windshield repaired before your road trip. Therefore, you should have your windshield replaced before the trip or at least learn about the laws for cracked windshields in the state you are visiting.
  • A professional windshield replacement is a preventative measure, and there are many insurance companies that will cover the costs of the replacement, however there is usually a deductible to pay. Check with your insurance company to learn more about your coverage.

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Whether you need a quick repair, or a total windshield replacement, you can count on the experts here at Diamond Auto Glass to provide you with excellent service. We are happy to serve the residents of Paradise Valley and the surrounding areas and enjoy creating a lifetime relationship with our customers.

Our team understands that the structural integrity and overall safety of your vehicle depends up to 60% on the quality of your windshield. That is why we only use the very best products in the industry to ensure that your new windshield bonds perfectly with your car body to guarantee your safety on the road.

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