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Scottsdale, Arizona Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement in Scottsdale, Arizona should never be a cause of concern for you. Diamond Auto Glass offers convenient service both in our state of the art shops and our fleet of mobile installation trucks. We even offer the mobile service at no additional charge. We fully realize that it can be tempting to continue to drive your vehicle with a damaged windshield, especially if it is not within your direct line of sight. People are busy with various activities outside of work and school.

However, many people do not realize that when a windshield is damaged, especially with a large crack, it can explode and shatter at any time. Imagine if that were to happen while you are driving on the highway. Chances are it would cause a major accident. In essence a cracked windshield is a ticking time bomb. There is absolutely no need to take that kind of risk. We can get you safely back on the road in no time at all. Most automobile insurance policies cover windshield replacement, so you will only have to pay a small deductible out of pocket.

We will submit the claim and work directly with your insurance company to make it even easier for you. With Diamond Auto Glass there is no need to cut through all of that red tape. Why be bogged down dealing with your insurance company. Our goal is to make the process as stress free as possible so that you can concentrate on other things. Our team of glass installation technicians each has years of experience, which is only one reason that we are known to be the best in the business. The other reason is based on the products that we use.


For example, our company installs original equipment manufacturers quality windshields and sealants. They are made to match the make and model of your vehicle, which ensures that it will fit properly. It is an unfortunate fact that many shops cut corners by installing after market windshields. When the windshield is not made specifically for the make and model of your vehicle it may not fit properly. In fact it can dislodge, or pop off during an accident. Once again why take unnecessary chances.

Your safety and the safety of those around you are far too important. The highest quality glass and sealants help to ensure that your windshield will perform as it was designed to. Diamond Auto Glass offers same day or next day windshield replacement service in Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas. When you drive away after having the windshield replaced the structural integrity will be fully restored to your vehicle. That way it will protect you as much as possible in the case of an accident.

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Do not allow a crack in the glass to stand in the way of the safe operation of your car, truck, SUV, van, mini-van, or commercial vehicle. With Diamond the difference is clear. We are here to help you in any way possible, and look forward to welcoming you to the family.

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