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Surprise, Arizona Windshield Replacement

When the windshield is damaged it diminishes the appearance of your vehicle. However, there is another factor that many people overlook. A damaged windshield also presents some major safety issues. The following information will provide you with some of the various ways that a damaged windshield can be a danger to you and other people on the road, and also determine when it is time to be replaced. Every time you drive you automobile it is being hit by tiny particles of sand that wear small pits in your windshield over time.

As your vehicle ages these pits accumulate, and eventually it affects your overall visibility. When it becomes more difficult to see out of the glass it creates a serious driving hazard. If your automobile is on the newer side you may start to notice a few small specs. They will absolutely increase as the vehicle ages. At some point the small specs will add up to the point where your windshield needs to be replaced. There certainly is other ways that your windshield can be damaged. For example, your windshield is in danger whenever you drive behind a truck.

A rock can fall off of the back of a construction vehicle, or the tire from a big rig can kick up a pebble. The next thing you know you’re hearing that smack sound as it slams into your windshield causing a chip or multiple chips to form. Depending on the severity, size, and location they may be able to be repaired, however there is a good chance that you will need your windshield replaced. The chips will not stay that way for long. Vibrations from driving on the road will quickly turn the chips into spider web cracks, which present a tremendous danger.


Bigger items such as chunks of truck tires, larger rocks, and other miscellaneous road debris can certainly inflict even more damage by cracking or worse yet smashing your windshield. This makes it next to impossible let alone legal to drive. You will need to have your windshield replaced immediately in order to avoid an accident or traffic ticket. Diamond Auto Glass makes having your windshield replaced in Surprise, Arizona and surrounding areas easy.

You can come to one of our locations or if it is more convenient we can come to you with our mobile windshield replacement shop. Since you look through your windshield while operating your automobile, the integrity and clarity of the glass is incredibly important. We want you to be as safe as possible. The damage may be as nominal as a few pits in the surface of the glass, or as vast as a large crack that completely compromises the integrity of your windshield.

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When in doubt, having it replaced is certainly the smart choice. We only use the highest quality replacement glass products and sealants in order to provide you with the best windshield replacement in the industry. The next time that your windshield is damaged remember that with Diamond Auto Glass the difference is clear, and we are here to help get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

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