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Custom window tinting in Winslow, Arizona certainly creates a unique look for your automobile that will help you stand out from the crowd. There are other benefits to darkening your windows besides enhancing the looks of your car, truck, van, or sports utility vehicle. Are you aware of the fact that tinted windows significantly reduce the interior temperature by sixty-percent, and even higher in some cases? This obviously comes in extremely handy in places like Arizona that are typically hot year round.

When the interior of your automobile is cooler than you do not need to crank up the air conditioner as much. This of course results in far better gas mileage. In essence the window tinting investment will more than pay for itself. Another great benefit is that window tinting prevents a great deal of damage to the interior surfaces of your vehicle. For example, when the dashboard is exposed to the sun for long periods of time it tends to fade and even crack. The same holds true for leather and vinyl seats.

Window tinting certainly goes a long way in keeping the interior of your automobile looking new. Speaking of damage that is caused by the sun, tinted glass actually blocks upwards of ninety nine-percent of ultra violet rays. This helps to eliminate or at least limit the dangerous that exposure to the sun causes us humans. If you drive for long distances on a regular basis than having your windows tinted may actually prevent the possibility of illness.


Safety and privacy are also determining factors on having the windows tinted in your vehicle. For example, if you get into an accident the tinting film holds the shattered glass from hitting you or any passengers. It basically acts like a safety net. When your windows are dark it limits the ability of potential thieves to see into your vehicle. It may very well deter the bad guys from breaking in. Tint also significantly reduces the glare from oncoming headlights, streetlights, and shiny objects in the road.

professional window-tinting job takes approximately two hours for a standard car, although it will take longer for larger vehicles that contain larger windshields and windows. The installation technician will clean the windows and then apply a high-grade tinting film to the inside surfaces. The tint may actually look a bit cloudy or hazy for a few days after the application process is complete, however it will clear up once the moisture that is located under the film fully evaporates.

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Perhaps you have seen an inferior tint job where the film was bubbling and or peeling off of the vehicle. It may be slightly more expensive to hire an experienced and reputable window tinting professional, like Diamond Auto Glass, rather than attempting the task yourself. That being said, much like anything else in this world you certainly get what you pay for. Please contact us with any and all questions regarding window tinting or to set up an appointment to have your windows tinted. We look forward to hearing from you.

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