Most Common Windshield Tinting Issues

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Diamond Auto Glass is a leading windshield repair, replacement, and auto glass tinting company with over 30 years of experience providing top-notch windshield tinting in Sedona, AZ. In this line of work, we regularly deal with various windshield tinting issues. Here are some of the car window tint issues we deal with more than most.

Visibility and Clarity

Tinting can affect visibility at night or in low-light conditions. Poorly installed or low-quality tint might cause distortion, reduce clarity and impair the driver’s ability to see through clearly. Luckily, we offer top-notch windshield tinting services, using high-quality products.


Windshield tints are supposed to adhere to the windshield rain or shine. Properly installed, high-quality tint will stick and stay in place. If not, it can peel off and flap in the wind, which can be dangerous especially when you’re on the road.


Car window tinting can become warped when installed incorrectly, which creates visual anomalies, affecting the driver’s perception of the road.


When an installer uses the wrong tools, doesn’t spray evenly, or has a tint that isn’t right for the glass, the window tint will look blotchy, uneven, and discolored.

Cracking or Bubbling

Tint films can develop cracks over time due to extreme temperatures, poor installation, and age. Prompt window tinting replacement is recommended when your current car tint starts cracking or bubbling.

Interference with Sensors and Electronics

Modern vehicles often incorporate various sensors and electronic systems near the windshield. Improperly installed and incompatible tints interfere with the functioning of these systems, leading to malfunctions. Fortunately, this issue can typically be addressed via window tinting repair.

At Diamond Auto Glass, we are here to ensure that you have windshield tints that promote optimal visibility, protect your privacy, block UV rays, reduce heat build-up in your car, and help you have a better driving experience.

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