The Types and Levels of Windshield Tinting

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In Arizona, regulations regarding windshield tinting are in place to ensure safety and visibility for drivers while still allowing for some customization and protection from the sun’s glare and heat. Understanding the types and levels of windshield tints permitted in the state is crucial for motorists to stay compliant with the law while enjoying the benefits of tinted windows. As a provider of quality windshield tinting in Phoenix, AZ, Diamond Auto Glass is well-positioned to give a quick overview of the available types and levels of windshield tinting.

Types of Windshield Tints

  1. Non-Reflective Tint

Non-reflective tinting is the most common type permitted for car window tinting in Arizona. This type of tint allows for some reduction in glare and heat while maintaining transparency from the outside.

  1. Reflective Tint

Reflective tints reflect light away from the vehicle’s interior, providing enhanced privacy and heat reduction. However, Arizona regulations often restrict the use of reflective tints on windshields to maintain visibility and prevent distractions for other drivers, so keep this in mind the next time you go for a windshield tinting replacement.

Levels of Windshield Tinting

  1. Light Transmission Percentage

Arizona law typically regulates windshield tinting based on the percentage of light transmission allowed through the tint. This percentage refers to the amount of visible light that can pass through the tinting material.

  1. Legal Limits
    The legal limits for windshield tinting in Arizona may vary depending on the specific location within the windshield. For example, the upper portion of the windshield may have different allowable tint levels compared to the lower portion. Check with your windshield tinting repair specialist for more information.
  1. Enforcement and Penalties

Law enforcement agencies in Arizona actively enforce regulations related to windshield tinting services. Motorists violating these regulations may face fines and penalties, including mandatory removal of illegal tinting.

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