Things to Keep In Mind During Windshield Replacement

Two glaziers replace windshield or windscreen on a car in workshop after stone-chipping

It’s said that a stitch in time saves nine. The same is true when it comes to getting a car windscreen damage fixed. Ignoring a little chip or scratch in your windshield can cost you more money in the long run. In short, what was not fixed today may become catastrophic tomorrow. Thus, it’s important to get prompt, professional windshield repair and replacement in Flagstaff, AZ  when you can.

But, before you schedule a windshield replacement, Diamond Auto Glass highly recommends checking for these items.

Workmanship Warranty

Any type of windshield installation, repair, or replacement done by auto shops should come with a craftsmanship guarantee. This means that the workers committed to your windshield servicing are adequately trained. It also means that they adhere to the OEM’s specifications and manufacturing standards.

Safety Warnings

These warnings complement the drilling instructions of your windshield company. And they are designed to educate you on how to replace the windshield when it’s still new and in pristine condition. First, ensure that only your certified repair specialists or technicians use glass cutters. This will prevent injuries from flying glass particles and ensure quality work.

The same applies to windshield tinting in that it should come with safety warnings and instructions.

Chip and Damage Severity

How bad the extent of damage your windshield has sustained can dictate the kind of restoration your windshield might need. For instance, hairline cracks don’t necessarily require a full replacement and can often be fixed via windshield repair. However, deeper, bigger cracks can pose driving safety risks and should therefore be remedied with a complete auto glass replacement.

Type of Windshield Glass

Whether laminated, smart, OEM, or any other type, car window glass has to be installed according to their manufacturer specifications. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a windshield that won’t last.

If you need help with your windshield, Diamond Auto Glass is happy to be of assistance. Contact us today.

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