Top Causes Behind Windshield Tint Damage

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At Diamond Auto Glass, we offer the best windshield tinting in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. We have over 30 years of serving our clients with expertise and dedication. When you come to us with a damaged windshield or tint, we repair it and give it back to you in pristine condition.

Our experts at Diamond Auto Glass have identified the main elements that damage your windshield tint.

Constant Scratching and Hitting

The car window tinting is supposedly designed to be resistant to scratches. However, it is not totally invincible against damage. Constant scratching of the tint, whether from tree branches or small animals such as vermin, will cause it to start cracking and eventually tear. It is essential to avoid getting your window tint scratched, especially if there’s already small tears on the tinted surface. In which case, it’s best to get your car to a reputable dealer right away for professional windshield tinting services.

Improper Installation

Quality tinting can be costly, but you can typically rest assured that you get what you pay for. Similarly, you will get poor quality car window tinting when you opt for cheap, unprofessional tinting service. At Diamond Auto Glass, we offer excellent quality tints and windshield services that will last long.

Washing the Windows Too Soon

If you wash your car a few days after getting your window tinting repair, the water and pressure might weaken the adhesive. The film will start peeling off quickly since it did not have enough time to cure and adjust. Our experts advise that you wait for a few weeks before taking your car to the car wash. It is also vital to wash your windows with ammonia-free glass cleaners to prevent damaging the film.

Old Adhesive

Adhesive wears out with time. If your tint has lasted many years, you may start seeing the scratches becoming significant tears. This calls for window tinting replacement. At Diamond Auto Glass, we encourage the residents of Phoenix, AZ to replace their tint as soon as it starts peeling off.

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