What Causes Windshields to Get Chipped?


Windshields can chip if a small rock or other object hits it while you are driving. These chips may be small and look insignificant, but they can cause a lot of problems that could require a windshield repair or even a full windshield replacement. This is why any windshield chips that you see should be fixed as soon as possible.

A Small Crack That Increases in Size

The reason why a windshield chip is so troublesome is because it doesn’t always remain a small chip. It might start out that way, but that chip is a tiny crack in your windshield’s glass that could get bigger over time. This often happens as the weather changes and the glass expands and contracts as it gets warmer and colder. It can also happen if more debris gets caught in the chip and causes it to expand. Before long, a tiny chip that you never noticed could lead to you requiring a full windshield replacement. Windshield tinting can sometimes provide some protection if you have a chip, but it’s best to simply have the problem fixed before it gets out of hand.

How Chips Are Repaired

A company that provides windshield repair and replacement in Sedona, AZ can usually fix a chip in your windshield if you bring your vehicle in soon enough. The chip can be cleaned out so there is no debris or moisture to damage your windshield, and the chip itself can be filled in with a resin that is dried and hardened with ultraviolet light. The resin blends with the rest of your windshield’s glass, and the chip should be barely noticeable.

If you have a chip in your windshield or you need a new windshield installation, contact Diamond Auto Glass at your earliest convenience. There’s a very good chance that we can fix your windshield and have it looking as good as new.

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