What Could Void Your Windshield Warranty?

DIY windshield tint kit

Anytime you trust Diamond Auto Glass for your windshield repair and replacement in Flagstaff, AZ, you are guaranteed that skilled professionals will do the work. Our team rebuilds your windshield’s visual and structural clarity, making your vehicle safe to drive once again. We also offer a windshield warranty to provide you with the best coverage.

However, you may want to refrain from these things so you don’t void your windshield warranty and so you can avoid having to pay full price for windshield repair and other related services.

Tinting Your Windshield

Windshield tinting can boost your vehicle’s look while protecting you from direct sunlight and harmful sun rays. You may consider tinting your windshield by yourself. However, if you’ve previously had your windshield installed or worked on by our team, then this DIY venture will void your warranty. This means that you might have to pay out of pocket for the repairs should you need one after you’ve tinted your own vehicle windows.

Getting Repairs Elsewhere

After acquiring our windshield replacement service, we allow you to report any windshield damage due to vandalism, collision, or any natural disaster within a set period, so we highly encourage reporting any damage immediately for urgent action. Nonetheless, you may face some urgent damage and consider hiring another expert for a windshield repair. This could void your windshield warranty with us.

Installing a New Windshield

Windshield installation can serve as a suitable solution after significant damage. However, with our 12-month windshield warranty, we can conveniently install a new windshield if the damage is covered by our warranty plan. Unfortunately, in case you may consider hiring another expert for the installation, you will void your windshield warranty.

We understand that a windshield is a valuable part of your vehicle, that’s why Diamond Auto Glass ensures quality services that make a difference. We offer incredible services beyond our customers’ expectations. Contact us today for an appointment.

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