What Not to Do After Windshield Repairs

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Damaged windshields can leave both drivers and passengers vulnerable to various on-road hazards. That’s why it’s imperative to have your windshield fixed as soon as possible if it gets damaged. However, there is a bad trend in the auto industry that needs to be addressed; drivers rush to fix their windshields without properly assessing the damage.

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Avoid High-Pressure Washes

It will ensure you keep your newly installed or repaired windshield from being damaged before it gets a chance to set. In addition, avoid using acidic solutions like vinegar because they can burn the paint on the car.

Don’t Remove the Retention Tape

Avoid the temptation to immediately remove the retention tape after a windshield repair procedure. As a general rule of thumb, all tapes should be left for 24 hours or longer if possible. Care should also be taken during their removal.

Don’t Expose Your Vehicle to Extreme Temperatures

Extreme shifts in temperature–both hot and cold–can put undue stress on your windshield. Newly installed ones are particularly vulnerable so extra care should be taken after a windshield replacement or repair procedure to avoid damage.

Haste and a general lack of care can hamper the success of your windshield repair or replacement procedure. To make sure you get premium quality windshield repairs or replacements that give the most bang for your buck, make sure you call Diamond Auto Glass because. We offer the best at affordable prices. Get a free online quote today!

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