Why Fixing Your Auto Glass Cannot Wait

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It’s not uncommon to see drivers on the road with a crack in their windshield or even worse, an entire window frame that is covered in plastic because the auto glass has shattered completely. There’s nothing wrong with making use of these temporary fixes while waiting for your glass repair schedule. However, you’re going to run into problems when you wait for longer than you should. Here are some key reasons why your auto glass repair in Flagstaff, AZ should not be delayed.

Cracks and Chips Can Worsen

While smaller cracks may not seem like a big deal at first, they can easily grow in size as the glass expands and contracts during hot and cold temperatures. Additionally, bumpy roads and changes in air pressure also affect the chipped condition. Furthermore, some cracks can worsen to the point where it’s no longer possible for mobile auto glass repair to be done.

Cracks Obstruct Your Vision

Even a small chip on your windshield can obstruct your view enough to pose driving hazards. It can also serve as a distraction, which is why it is illegal in some states. There are regulations that drivers in Arizona have to follow when it comes to windshield damage. A ticket may end up costing you more than just fixing the glass to begin with, and you may even have to get an auto glass replacement.

Auto Glass Services Don’t Take Too Long

There is a preconceived notion that auto glass services are a timely endeavor. This is far from true. Generally, it can take less than an hour for smaller cracks to be repaired and between one and three hours for bigger jobs. Nowadays, mobile auto glass repair is so quick and convenient that there’s really no reason to delay getting it.

Almost everyone will have to deal with a cracked or chipped auto glass at some point. It gets more expensive the longer you wait. Contact Diamond Auto Glass as soon as you notice anything wrong with your vehicle’s glass features.

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