Why Is DIY Windshield Tinting Discouraged?

Worker applying tinting foil onto car window

DIY windshield tinting may seem like a time-saving and cheaper option compared to consulting professionals. But with experts on-site, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. They’re pros in their field and have the tools to deliver a high-quality windshield tinting job. However, if you’re a beginner trying to do an expert’s work, the project may not go so well.

Diamond Auto Glass is an expert when it comes to windshield repair and replacement in Flagstaff, AZ. We list down why we discourage DIY attempts at windshield tinting.

Complexity of the Job

While the adverts and tinting kits make it seem effortless, windshield tinting isn’t as easy as it seems. The complexity depends on the shape and size of your windshield. You’ll also require the time, skills, and appropriate tools needed for the wind tint and windshield installation project to be successfully completed.

Cost of Repair

When you’re paying for windshield repair on top of windshield installation, the costs do add up. But even though mistakes are inevitable in the learning process, there’s no room for correction when it comes to DIY windshield tinting. In case of errors, the tinting and windshield repair process will be more expensive than if professional services were requested in the first place.

Even worse, getting a windshield replacement will cost even more if you end up damaging your windshield while trying to install windshield tinting on your own.

DIY Windshield Tinting Has No Warranty

Most DIY kits don’t come with windshield installation services or a warranty in case the project fails. That means the success or failure of the entire project lies in your hands – there are no work warranties and you end up paying out of your own pocket if things don’t turn out right.

DIY windshield tinting is risky, and especially if you have no prior knowledge or experience tinting your own vehicle. For best results, contact Diamond Auto Glass for quality windshield tinting services.

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