Are Cars With Tinted Windshields Safe to Drive?

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Diamond Auto Glass is no stranger to how bright the sunlight can get in Arizona during humid summers and mild winters. A windshield tint helps to cut down the effect of the sun’s glare, UV rays, and heat so you can drive with ease. It even offers a little more durability to your windshields in the event that the glass breaks. If you’re just about to get your windshield tinting in Winslow, AZ, you might wonder whether driving with tinted windshields can present challenges to your safety.

Let the car window tinting experts from Diamond Auto Glass weigh in on your safety concerns over driving a tinted car.

To Drive or Not to Drive?

Windshield tinting is designed to reduce the glare of the sun when driving during daylight hours. In turn, drivers and other vehicle occupants can see what’s on the road. To be clear, windshield tinting services are there to not only make your car look better, but to also boost the safety features of your vehicle.

But what makes tinted car windows safe to drive is a bit of a double-edged sword for some. In the daytime, it reduces glare from the sun. At night, however, visibility is compromised – that’s why there are laws regarding windshield tinting that everyone including windshield tinting repair shops like ours has to follow.

Arizona Law

According to AAA’s website, Arizona drivers can add car window tinting to their vehicles, but there are limitations. The tinted windows must be 35% reflective or less. Qualified glass for tinting is:

  • front side
  • rear side
  • rear glass
  • the upper portion of the windshield

The front side must allow 33% of light inside or more. The rear side and rear glass don’t have a tint level requirement. Diamond Auto Glass offers windshield tinting replacement services to accommodate any changes you need to make to meet this requirement.

There is a balance between too dark and too bright with windshield tinting, and Diamond Auto Glass and Tint knows that balance. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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