Auto Glass Maintenance Tips

cleaning a car window glass

While car windows are readily visible, they’re often overlooked as far as upkeep goes. However, your vehicle’s windshields play a very crucial role in terms of safety, so it’s worth maintaining even on that basis alone. Luckily, Diamond Auto Glass is a leading provider of highly efficient auto glass repair in Flagstaff, AZ, and so we’re familiar with what works and what won’t in terms of auto glass maintenance.

Here are various maintenance tips for your auto glass.

Do Not Use Hot Water

In the winter season, it is crucial that you don’t pour hot or warm water directly onto your auto glass. The rapid change of temperature can easily cause a crack in the glass, mainly if there is already any chip or crack of any degree on the glass. Rapid changes in temperatures can result in a situation where you would require unplanned auto glass replacement.

Frequently Change the Windshield Wiper

Windshield wipers are always in physical contact with your windshields, and so it only makes sense to make sure that the wipers are in good condition as well. Otherwise, the worn down wiper blades will end up scratching the car glass. Worn out windshield wipers also pose safety concerns, so all the more reason to get wiper issues sorted out immediately by a professional auto glass services provider.

Take Care of Chips or Cracks Right Away

What looks like a small, harmless chip or crack on your windshield can easily become larger and more pronounced the longer it goes without being fixed. Get in touch with your preferred mobile auto glass repair specialist as soon as you notice any damage on your auto glass.

Routine Car Wash

Just like regular baths are necessary, it’s also important to get your car washed on a regular basis to keep the auto glass and the vehicle itself looking clean.

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