How Store-Bought Washer Fluid Can Damage Your Windshield

Washer fluid supply being refilled (or windshield wipers in motion)

Despite its intended purpose of cleaning your windshield, store-bought washer fluid can inadvertently cause damage if not used correctly or if certain factors are present. Diamond Auto Glass Tint is Arizona’s leading authority for auto glass repair in Flagstaff, AZ. Here, we take a look at some ways in which store-bought washer fluid can potentially harm your windshield.

Abrasive Particles

Low-quality or cheaper washer fluids may contain abrasive particles that can scratch the glass surface. When these particles are sprayed onto the windshield and wiped with the wipers, they can create micro-scratches, making it difficult to see clearly and compromising visibility. The good news is that you can rectify this with prompt auto glass services.

Harsh Chemicals

Some store-bought washer fluids may contain harsh chemicals that can react with the glass or other components of the windshield. These chemicals can lead to etching or discoloration of the glass, resulting in a distorted view and impaired visibility.

Freezing Temperatures

Many washer fluids have a higher freezing point than water, which helps prevent freezing in moderately cold conditions. However, the fluid can freeze on the windshield or within the washer reservoir in extremely low temperatures. When the fluid freezes, it expands and can potentially crack the glass. Fortunately, you can have it repaired anywhere through mobile auto glass repair.

Choosing high-quality products specifically formulated for automotive glass is advisable to minimize the potential damage caused by store-bought washer fluids. Look for fluids labeled as safe for all glass surfaces or those with a gentle formula. Get a free online quote by reaching out to us at Diamond Auto Glass!

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