Ways to Make Your Windshield Tint Last Longer

Car tinting. Worker applying tinting foil on car window at shallow depth of field

Getting your windows tinted not only protects your privacy but also protects your car’s interior from UV rays. Windshield tints will fade with time, but the good news is that there are ways to prolong its lifespan. Diamond Auto Glass shares a few things you can do to make your windshield tinting in Winslow, AZ last longer.

Wait a While Before Washing it

If you recently had windshield tinting services, take some time before you wash the windows. Doing this lets the tint adhere properly to the window. While the proper steps were followed during the tint installation, washing your car windows right after the process might wash the tint off.

Avoid Using Abrasives

To ensure your tint stays on for longer, do not wash your car using abrasives. The chemicals will eat away at the tint and can result in premature fading. Windshield tinting companies advise using a soft cloth to clean the windows when dirty. When you go for car window tinting, be sure to ask about the care instructions for the type of windshield tint you’re getting.

Dry It Properly

Once your car is due for a wash, take care to check that the tint dries properly. Get a buff cloth and wipe down the water residue. One of the reasons you might need window tinting replacement or window tinting repair too soon is when water washes away the tint before it sets well. Wiping it down goes a long way in ensuring the tint stays on longer.

Trust the Pros

The one thing you can do to ensure that your car’s tint lasts is to get it done by a professional windshield tinting company. Here at Diamond Auto Glass, we will go out of our way to give you high-quality windshield tint that won’t fade or peel prematurely. Contact us today if you need to get your car windows tinted.

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