What You Need to Know About Automotive Smart Glass

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Smart glass technology has become more popular in the automotive industry in the past few years. Leading companies, including Diamond Auto Glass, that offer smart glass installation in Flagstaff, AZ are fitting the smart glass in a wider variety of vehicle parts, including the rear windshield and sunroof.

Also called switchable or intelligent glass, smart glass used to be typically reserved for luxury cars. As smart glass technology starts to catch on, knowing the basics regarding automotive smart glass is becoming more crucial.

It Adjusts the Window Tint Instantly

Smart glass utilizes a switchable film called Suspended Particle Device (SPD) to block light and provide shade in the car, not unlike the windshield visors with heat insulation. But the problem with these sun visors is that they are completely opaque. SPD tints, on the other hand, protect the vehicle’s interior while providing adequate transparency so that the driver can still see the road.

So if you’re sensitive to the sun’s glare when driving, consider a smart glass replacement on your next car checkup.


The switchable glass has liquid crystal technology that makes the car windows opaque in case the driver needs more privacy and doesn’t want passersby to see the inside of the car. In addition, the specially-optimized IR films reflect solar heat to protect people from UV rays. If you are seeking smart glass services, ensure that you hire a professional who understands and offers this technology.


It can be distracting to have to keep on having to check the dashboard gauges while driving. One advantage of smart glass is that it can project fuel levels, speed, and other pertinent driving information on the front windshield itself. Best of all, there are smart glass repair services available so you can always have yours repaired if you ever encounter any smart glass problems.

If you want to know more about automotive smart glass and whether it’s the right choice for you, contact Diamond Auto Glass and we’d be happy to help.

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