Why Car Window Tinting Is Essential

Applying tinting foil on a car window in a garage

Car window tinting offers a lot of long-lasting and functional benefits, apart of course from enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle. If you’re considering getting your car windows tinted, Diamond Auto Glass is the go-to for quality windshield tinting in Flagstaff, AZ.

Windshield tinting services are beneficial to you and your vehicle in the following ways.

Increases Privacy And Security

The benefits of car window tinting go beyond simply blocking you and your passengers from strangers and their prying eyes. It also prevents car thieves or suspicious individuals from peering into your car to check for security systems or valuables left inside, mainly where you’re parked for long periods, like in the parking lot near supermarkets or the office.

Reduces UV Exposure

Tinting helps prevent 99% of UV rays from entering your car, which can cause damage to its interior, such as warping, fading, or cracking if you’ve got leather seats. Damaged windshields in need of window tinting repair can expose you to health risks such as skin damage (which can be a precursor to skin cancer), premature aging, sunburn, or even suppression of the immune system.

Keeping Cool

A high-quality window tinting replacement can reduce the warmth in your car by as much as 70% by blocking the sun’s heat from entering your vehicle. In turn, it reduces the load on your air conditioning system, easing up the energy consumption on your car battery.

Improved Visibility

Proper windshield tinting services offer significant glare reduction, hence, improving safety. This applies even during the night when an oncoming driver floods your car with full beam headlights. The tint provides you, as the driver, with some level of protection.

Shattered Glass Protection

Car window tinting is particularly helpful in preventing injuries as a result of flying glass shards. The tint film provides the window with a layer, giving it a seal that lends it safety glass features.

Tinting fitted by an amateur can quickly start to bubble and peel. For best results, contact us at Diamond Auto Glass for window tinting repair and installation.

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